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2014 Best Tattoo Shop in Pittsburgh: “Located in Lawrenceville, Rogue Tattoo offers beautiful tattoo designs at a reasonable price. The tattoo artists will work with you to create a great design if you have something in mind but just aren’t sure how to turn it into a tattoo.”

Listen to Travis discuss the importance of shop cleanliness in this interview on KDKA News!

Rogue Tattoo offers a sterile, clean environment utilizing the latest in sanitation. Every needle is single-use. Every tube/grip/tip is thoroughly scrubbed, placed in the ultra-sonic to remove residue and finally placed in the autoclave to be properly sterilized after use. All individual cups of ink are disposed of after a single use as well as all other disposable items used. Gloves are changed very frequently to assure that cross contamination is not an issue. We are certified in both BBP (blood borne pathogens) and CPR (reviving the dead), and our physician tattooer Katie Kittenfists M.D. is around to answer your more exotic medical questions. Our length of time in the tattooing industry has ingrained in us numerous protocol to keep both you and me clean, germ-free and in the long run disease-free. Stay Sterile!

tattoo and art studio in Pittsburgh's Lawrenceville